Dog Poop Pickup & Removal

We bet it’s safe to say the last thing you want to do on your days off or when you get home from work is cleanup the dog poop in the yard. Well, you don’t have to! We’ll visit your residence as often as your needs require to cleanup, and, if desired, haul away the poop so it’s not left in your trash bins. Pricing is determined by number of dogs, frequency of visits, and size of area to be cleaned. Additionally, you may want to add a yard deodorizer or sanitizer service to keep things smelling fresh. These services will be applied upon your weekly cleanup visits. Click the “Sign Up Now!” button below to get started!

Curb Service Haul Away

Maybe you clean your own yard but don’t want the pet waste in your trash bins. Yep, we understand! We’ll provide you with a dedicated pet waste receptacle, and stop by as needed to pick up the waste and haul it away. Just make sure to bag up all pet waste before disposing of in receptacle. Then leave the receptacle out on your curb, or keep it in another predetermined area on your property for us to empty. Regular sanitization and deodorization of pet waste receptacle included with this service. Click the “Sign Up Now!” button below to get started!

Doggie Potty Patches

Living in an apartment community? It can be tedious and time consuming taking Rover out to handle his business several times per day. Especially when you’re on the 10th floor. We can help by installing and/or servicing a doggie potty patch for your furry friend. Already have one set up? We can service it as needed.

Yard, Patio, Deck & Dog Run Rinse

Not all poop is created equal. Some if it may stick to surfaces requiring a little extra effort to rid the mess. We can hose down just one, or all of the above. After your scheduled cleanup, we will use your water hose to rinse away any surface affected by pet waste for a cleaner feeling and appearance. For hard to remove stains/residue, pressure washing may be your best bet.


Oops! You forgot to grab Rover his doggie treats on your trip to the store. No problem. We’ve got you covered. We’ll deliver any needed items (pet food, treats, toys, kitty litter, etc.) on any of your regularly scheduled service days. Please give us at least a 12 hour notice for this service.

Need a Service Not Listed above?

Have we missed something you need? Let us know if you want or need a service not listed, or a special request. We will do our dog-gone best to help with any unique situation.

Pet Waste Disposal Stations

We will install new waste stations—or service, wash, disinfect and deodorize existing ones—within your apartment community, HOA or other type of shared housing. We remove/refill dog waste bags and haul the poop away. One-time and ongoing pet waste cleanup/maintenance services available.

Dog Poop DNA Matching

Properties report up to a 95% reduction in pet waste when a database of registered pets can be matched later against deposited poop piles at apartment complexes, HOA’s and other shared properties. Not only does enforcing cleanup rules increase resident satisfaction among dog and non-dog owners, but it also positively affects your bottom line with decreased damage to common areas.

Pet Events, Dog Shows, Parties & Parades

If you have an upcoming event of any kind where you don’t want guests and attendees to have to constantly watch where they walk — make no bones about it — we can help. Our professional, friendly team will arrive and make sure no guest has to second guess any step they take. We will ensure the cleanliness of any event within the entire Bay Area/Silicon Valley. Additional expenses may be incurred for travel outside the Bay Area.

Goose Poop Cleanup

Pet waste is not the only problem in many communities. Geese thrive in environments which lack natural predators, and where resources like food and water are plentiful. Have you ever gone to a lake or pond and found yourself walking cautiously because of the amount of goose or duck droppings on pathways, trails and grassy areas? This makes it impossible for residents to enjoy the community in which they live. Bombs Away! technicians can help rid your community grounds of droppings and make it much more clean and safe.

Need a Service Not Listed above?

Have we missed something you need? Let us know if you want or need a service not listed, or a special request. We will do our dog-gone best to help with any unique situation.

Pressure Washing

Because dogs will be dogs — constantly marking their territory. And, it just happens to be on the area you love to relax and entertain friends and family; your patio, patio furniture, walls and other undesirable areas. Often, pressure washing is the only remedy for these problems.

Yard Deodorizer / Sanitizer

Has the odor problem gotten out of control? Or, maybe you want to be proactive and stop it before it starts. We deodorize private residences, apartment communities, HOAs, kennels, dog training/boarding facilities, vet clinics, dog parks and more. We offer one-time, as well as ongoing deodorization services. A one-time deodorization is included in every initial startup service. We only use non-toxic, eco-friendly products.

Flea, Tick & Insect Spraying

Have you noticed signs of fleas or ticks on your dog or pet? Or worse yet, has your pet brought these pests into your home? If so, we will set forth a plan of attack to eliminate these unwanted guests—by starting where the problem usually begins—in the yard. We use only non-toxic, eco-friendly solutions.

Brown Spot Treatment

Have you been burned by your pet? No need to re-seed or re-sod lawn burn spots. We can usually reverse the damage by stimulating regrowth from the roots. We use only non-toxic, eco-friendly solutions.