Dog Poop Pickup & Removal

We bet it’s safe to say the last thing you want to do on your days off or when you get home from work is cleanup the dog poop in the yard. Well, you don’t have to! We’ll visit your residence as often as your needs require to cleanup, and, if desired, haul away the poop so it’s not left in your trash bins. Pricing is determined by number of dogs, frequency of visits, and size of area to be cleaned. Additionally, you may want to add a yard deodorizer or sanitizer service to keep things smelling fresh. These services will be applied upon your weekly cleanup visits. Click the “Sign Up Now!” button below to get started!

Curb Service Haul Away

Maybe you clean your own yard but don’t want the pet waste in your trash bins. Yep, we understand! We’ll provide you with a dedicated pet waste receptacle, and stop by as needed to pick up the waste and haul it away. Just make sure to bag up all pet waste before disposing of in receptacle. Then leave the receptacle out on your curb, or keep it in another predetermined area on your property for us to empty. Regular sanitization and deodorization of pet waste receptacle included with this service. Click the “Sign Up Now!” button below to get started!

The poop may be gone, but those odors like to stick around. We offer yard deodorizer and sanitizer services to help keep your yard smelling its best.

Pet Waste Management Solutions for Your Community or Business

Whether you manage an apartment community or HOA, maintain city or county parks, or operate a pet-friendly business, there's little doubt dog waste is one of the biggest problems you and your staff face day-by-day. Not only is it a blight on our neighborhoods and communities, it's also been labeled a human health hazard by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

You may enforce a "cleanup after your pet" policy, but sadly at least 40% of dog owners will not. And, If your complex has dog waste on its grounds, the management company is liable unless there's a program in place for the cleanup and removal of pet waste.

We're ready to partner with you and your organization by providing professional, friendly service and high quality products guaranteed to meet the exact requirements of your community or business.

How We Support You

  • Implement closed-loop solutions for pet waste management and removal from property grounds according to your exact requirements or needs.
  • We offer options to either buy or lease pet waste stations. We provide installation, ongoing service and maintenance of the waste stations.
  • One affordable monthly service fee covers bag refills, can liners and light cleaning/maintenance of waste stations.
  • Free up your staff or maintenence team to focus on the more pressing needs of your business or community, while increasing resident/customer satisfaction.
Because each property is unique, initial consultations are needed and FREE estimates provided.

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