Pet Waste Disposal Stations

We will install new waste stations—or service, wash, disinfect and deodorize existing ones—within your apartment community, HOA or other type of shared housing. We remove/refill dog waste bags and haul the poop away. One-time and ongoing pet waste cleanup/maintenance services available.

Dog Poop DNA Matching

Properties report up to a 95% reduction in pet waste when a database of registered pets can be matched later against deposited poop piles at apartment complexes, HOA’s and other shared properties. Not only does enforcing cleanup rules increase resident satisfaction among dog and non-dog owners, but it also positively affects your bottom line with decreased damage to common areas.

Pet Events, Dog Shows, Parties & Parades

If you have an upcoming event of any kind where you don’t want guests and attendees to have to constantly watch where they walk — make no bones about it — we can help. Our professional, friendly team will arrive and make sure no guest has to second guess any step they take. We will ensure the cleanliness of any event within the entire Bay Area/Silicon Valley. Additional expenses may be incurred for travel outside the Bay Area.

Goose Poop Cleanup

Pet waste is not the only problem in many communities. Geese thrive in environments which lack natural predators, and where resources like food and water are plentiful. Have you ever gone to a lake or pond and found yourself walking cautiously because of the amount of goose or duck droppings on pathways, trails and grassy areas? This makes it impossible for residents to enjoy the community in which they live. Bombs Away! technicians can help rid your community grounds of droppings and make it much more clean and safe.

Need a Service Not Listed above?

Have we missed something you need? Let us know if you want or need a service not listed, or a special request. We will do our dog-gone best to help with any unique situation.