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Summer is here, and it’s time to make the most of those long, sunny days with our furry best friends. As the temperatures rise, so do our pups’ energy levels, which means more playtime, more adventures, and, let’s be honest, more poop. But don’t worry! Bombs Away! is here to keep your yard clean and your dog happy.

Follow these tips to ensure your dog has a tail-wagging good time this summer while staying healthy and safe:

  • Hydration is Key

Just like us, dogs need plenty of water, especially during the hot summer months. Make sure your pup has access to fresh, cool water at all times. Consider getting a portable water bottle for park visits or long hikes.

  • Fun in the Shade

While playing fetch in the sun is a blast, it’s essential to give your dog breaks in the shade. Set up a cool spot in your yard with an umbrella or a dog-friendly tent where your pup can relax and avoid overheating.

  • Regular Exercise

Keep your dog active with regular exercise, but be mindful of the heat. Early morning or late evening walks are perfect for avoiding the scorching midday sun. Plus, it’s a great way for you to beat the heat, too!

  • Clean Play Areas

Nothing ruins a fun play session like stepping in an unwanted surprise. A clean yard is not just about keeping your shoes poop-free; it’s about creating a safe and healthy environment for your pup to play. That’s where Bombs Away comes in! Our professional pooper scooper service in San Mateo, Santa Clara, and the surrounding area ensure your yard stays spotless, so your dog can run, jump, and roll around without any unpleasant interruptions.

  • Cool Treats

Treat your dog to some homemade frozen snacks. Simple recipes like frozen peanut butter and banana bites or ice cubes with dog-friendly ingredients can be a refreshing treat for your pup.

  • Regular Grooming

Summer is the season of shedding! Regular grooming helps keep your dog’s coat healthy and free from mats. Plus, it reduces the amount of fur rolling around your house.

  • Flea and Tick Prevention

Lastly, summertime means more bugs. Make sure your dog is protected from fleas and ticks with regular treatments. Check with your vet for the best options.


By following these tips, you’ll make sure your dog has a fantastic summer filled with fun, frolic, and lots of wagging tails. And remember, Bombs Away is always here to take care of the dirty work. With our reliable pooper scooper services in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties, you can focus on making memories with your pup while we keep your yard clean and safe.

So, grab that leash, toss a ball, and enjoy the sunshine with your furry friend. After all, a happy dog is a clean-yard dog!