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Solutions to Close the Loop on Poop®

Dog Poop Pick Up

We’ll visit your residence as often as you’d like to clean up, and, if desired, haul away the dog poop so it’s not left in your trash bin.

HOAs, Cities and

We offer a wide range of services to keep your communities and parks clean, safe and healthy for its residents to enjoy.

Waste Station Sales
and Service

From sales to installation and service, we’ve got you covered by offering a variety of the best pet waste stations on the market.

Curb Service Haul Away

You may clean up after your dog(s) or clean out the litter boxes yourself, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you want the poop in your trash bin. We provide a 5-gallon bucket with an airtight lid lined with a trash bag. We then visit as often as you’d like to remove its contents and replace it with a clean bag. Regular deodorizing and sanitizing of the bucket is also provided.

Litter Box Exchange Service

Never buy kitty litter again! We start by dropping off your selected number of clean, prefilled litter boxes. We then return on your scheduled service day to exchange the clean for the dirties. Just leave the boxes outside on your porch or in another predetermined area for us to exchange. Boxes are cleaned, sanitized and deodorized at our shop between exchanges.

Pressure Washing

Stains and odors from urine and build up from dog poop love to linger. We’ll pressure wash artificial turf and hardscapes or other areas of your yard where your dogs prefer to do their business. Combine with our Wysiwash service for optimal results.

Without regular cleaning and sanitizing, active kids and pets playing in the yard may bring harmful bacteria and viruses into your home. Our deodorizer and sanitizer services help keep both your outdoor and indoor living environments clean, safe and healthy for your family and pets to enjoy.

Deep cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing starts at just $39/application.

  • Eliminates urine and poop odors

  • Kills Parvo and Giardia

  • Kills bacteria

  • Kills Viruses (including Coronavirus)

  • Neutralizes mold

  • Safe for people and pets

  • Safe for plants and grass

Our Clients Are Talking

Pet Waste Management Solutions for Your Community or Business

  • HOAs & Apartment Communities

  • Pet-Friendly Workplaces

  • City/County Parks

  • Dog Parks

  • Pet Hotels

  • Dog Training Facilities

  • Parties and Events

How We Support You

  • Implement closed-loop solutions for dog waste management, removal and off-site disposal from community/property grounds according to your exact requirements or needs.

  • We offer options to either buy or lease pet waste stations. We provide installation, ongoing service and maintenance of the waste stations.

  • One affordable monthly service fee covers dispenser bag refills, can liners, waste disposal, and light cleaning/maintenance of waste stations.

  • Free up your staff or maintenence team to focus on the more pressing needs of your business or community, while increasing customer/resident satisfaction.