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Bryan York Avatar

Super responsive and timely!

Bryan York 3/29/2022
Jessica Ott Avatar

Reliable. On time. Thorough and clean. Communicative and responsive. Very happy with service.

Jessica Ott 3/29/2022
Sheevaun Thatcher Avatar

Bombs Away are indispensable when it comes to taking the bombs (puppy) away. We use them twice a week and the yard stays tidy. And a lot less stinky.

Sheevaun Thatcher 3/24/2022
Edie Maples Avatar

I have been using Bombs Away for years now and am extremely happy with the service! Ryan does an excellent job, he is great with my dogs and is respectful of property. I highly recommend this service to anyone with pets.

Edie Maples 9/30/2021
Rachelle Dicker Avatar

Robert comes on time every week! He will send me texts and pictures if I need to know anything about around the yard. It's been so nice having one less thing to worry about! I never knew a service like this existed, but now that I do my life is changed! Thanks Robert!

Rachelle Dicker 9/30/2021
Olympia Bliss Avatar

This is a great company. I found them on the NextDoor app and was interested in the service right away. I looked at their Yelp reviews and they were all positive. I hired them that day to come and don't regret it. I have more time with my family on the weekends and not have to worry when my kid runs around the back yard!

Olympia Bliss 9/30/2021
Linda Schneider Avatar

They do a fantastic job on a task that I’m glad I no longer have to do.

Linda Schneider 9/30/2021
Cleo Valeroso Avatar

With my busy schedule, Bombs Away has been an incredible help. They always arrive on time, efficient and very friendly! Would definitely recommend their service.

Cleo Valeroso 8/31/2021
Derek Abad Avatar

Great staff! Super easy to deal with and always does a great job. Never going back to doing it myself. Highly recommend.

Derek Abad 8/31/2021
Greg Mohr Avatar

Like Ryan, I work in the pet waste removal industry. I can tell you that Ryan runs one of the "go-to" companies on the west coast. If you live in his service area you won't be disappointed with the level of service that you will receive from Ryan. I highly recommend him.

Greg Mohr 8/31/2021
Trisha Smithson Avatar

They really are #1 at taking care of #2! Haha. Have had a great experience using Bombs Away. Our dogs love our technician, maybe a little too much! I have used other services in the past and what I really like about Bombs Away is that it's the same technician who visits. Seems like some of the other services there was a new face quite often. Great service and can't beat the price!

Trisha Smithson 3/31/2020
Jonathon Randazzo Avatar

Bombs Away is awesome! I am gone all day working long hours and it gives me peace of mind to know my backyard where my kids like to play isn't a complete poopsty because thats where my two dogs hang out all day.I give him a five star review because he is great with dogs, reasonably priced, consistent, and trustworthy. I went from using hime once to twice a week for his great service.Wish I had known about his services before.

Jonathon Randazzo 3/31/2020
Dave White Avatar

Bombs Away! Provides excellent customer service. Great communication, a convenient client portal on the website, and very reasonable prices! I highly reccomend this service to all pet owners!

Dave White 3/31/2019
matt gach Avatar

Awesome service. Fast and friendly. The owner is super responsive and they do a great job.

matt gach 3/31/2019
Holly Morton Avatar

Great service! Ryan and his team are very reliable, professional and detail-oriented when it comes the the cleanups in my yard. The sanitizer and deodorizer applications are wonderful! We have 3 dogs! Have been using them for over 2 years now and plan to continue the service.

Holly Morton 3/31/2019
Suzanne Morgado Avatar

I don't know why I had not subscribed to this service years ago! Ryan is great to work with and we have had great service for months. Highly recommend!

Suzanne Morgado 3/31/2019
Jason Thomas Avatar

I love Bombs Away! Reliable service, they get every single one every time, and they have odor solutions that make a huge difference. Plus our dog loves they guy who comes - he is very respectful and kind to the dogs. I would highly recommend this service to anyone who can't keep up with their animals on a daily basis.

Jason Thomas 3/31/2019
Samantha Renelle Palarca Tan Avatar

Bombs Away is such an easy company to work with! They are organized, extremely responsive and professional. They get the job done without bothering you. Love them!

Samantha Renelle Palarca Tan 3/31/2019
Michelle Lacey Avatar

This is the best service ever!!!! I can't even believe I have lived this long without them! When I heard about this service, I signed up immediately!I have 1 large and two small dogs. I'm sure you could imagine the nightmare it is to clean up, not to mention when I get busy and go weeks not being able to get to it. Bombs Away has made my life so much easier!!The first time Ryan came out, my backyard was a nightmare, and he was able to get it all cleaned up. I have been using them for about 4 months now and everything is going great! No complaints.

Michelle Lacey 3/31/2019
Stephanie Pan Avatar

Ryan is incredibly professional and responsive. I set up an annual prepaid account because it's so convenient and cost effective. Ryan uses the online and texting system to let me know when he arrives and if there are any issues (for example one time my roommate had let my dog out in the yard just as Ryan was coming to clean up, so I received a message from Ryan and called my roommate to bring the dog back inside the house).I purchased an annual pack for 3 dogs, but sadly one of my dogs passed away. Ryan was very understanding and worked with me to make the rest of the package fair.My backyard is poop-free every other Monday and it's such a relief, and a huge time and stress saver. 100% worth it, and I will be a long time subscriber thanks to Ryan's dependability and professionalism.

Stephanie Pan 3/31/2019
Tomas Sandoval Avatar

Wow! I cannot say enough great things about Bombs Away! Specifically, the awesome customer service I have received over the last several months since I signed up. Trust me... they do an amazing job in my yard s well. Some issues came up with my credit card and they were so easy to work with. I didn't have to speak with anyone, since they've automated everything on their site. Plus my dogs love the tech who services us!

Tomas Sandoval 3/31/2019
Cassie Noveski Avatar

If only I had known sooner a service like this existed! My story: busy mom with 2 kids, husband and I both work full-time. The LAST thing any of us want to do on our days off is pickup dog poop! The pricing is awesome! Customer service amazing! We have 3 dogs and have them come out twice weekly. If you own dogs, you need to get Bombs Away!!

Cassie Noveski 3/31/2019
Bonnie Chu-Lam Avatar

We initially hired them to perform a one-time cleanup. We had neglected the yard for months and it was in bad shape. They removed all poop, pressure washed patio area and sanitized our yard. They did such a great job we ended up signing up for weekly service for our 2 dogs!

Bonnie Chu-Lam 3/31/2019
David Lewis Avatar

The entire concept is genius! The owner and staff are great with our dog. My wife loves the client portal which has several features to streamline services and communication, and GPS tracking to track completed services. Highly recommend!

David Lewis 3/31/2019
Amanda Melkoumian Avatar

Great service, professional and friendly. We're very happy with BA!

Amanda Melkoumian 3/31/2019
Richard Chavez Avatar

I've received nothing but the best service from the owner as well as the person who cleans my yard regularly. Very professional and take customer service to the next level. I'll be using this service as long as I own dogs!

Richard Chavez 3/31/2019
Christine Toruno Avatar

Ryan and his team at Bomb’s Away do a great job! We’ve used them for the past couple years to keep our backyard clear of dog waste, and signed up for one-time pick-ups every few months. They did a great job every time - our yard looked and smelled fresh after each visit! They make it really easy by cleaning and hauling away everything when they’re done. They also offer sanitizing and deodorizing services. Moving forward, we’ve updated our visits to weekly! I highly recommend Bomb’s Away! 👍🏼

Christine Toruno 3/31/2019
Radio Bikini Avatar

I'm in a wheelchair and my daughter went to college and left two big dogs. This service has saved my yard and maybe even from having to get rid of the dogs. Fantastic cleanup every week and punctual. If you hate scooping....employ these guys and let the yard shine!!

Radio Bikini 3/31/2018
Mr Awesome Avatar

(This is a real review, ignore my user name, its a long story!) There are two things I dont like doing, yard work, and picking up dog poop! I hired Ryan to help with the latter and he does a great job. Hes punctual and thorough! This is one of those types of services you may not realize you need, but once you have it you will NEVER go back! Keep Scooping Ryan! 🙂

Mr Awesome 3/31/2018