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When you’re planning a vacation with your furry friend, it’s important to do  put in the prep work and do some research before you hit the road as traveling with pets requires some extra thought. The food is packed, plenty of water, and Fido is ready to go! However, many dog owners forget the importance of bathroom breaks during travel. Here’s a quick guide to what you should do when your pet is ready to do their duty. 

During Travel

Going on a road trip? Plan your route beforehand to find dog-friendly rest stops with spacious fields for your pet to do their business. Make sure to bring waste bags and find a proper receptacle for disposal. If you’re traveling on a plane or train, consider making a pit stop and checking yourself and your dog in to a pet-friendly hotel with a built-in dog park so you can rest and recuperate. 

At the Hotel

Many hotels allow dogs to stay in your room if they meet certain restrictions. Others require a pet deposit that may be returned if your furry friend doesn’t make a cmplete mess of the place. A way to prevent accidents is to research the room and find green spaces such as a local hiking trail or dog park for your pet to relieve themselves. Another great tip is to request a ground floor room in case Rover needs to go in the middle of the night and you don’t want to disturb other guests. 

During Activities

Your dog shouldn’t have to miss out on your vacation fun! Public hygiene is important, so you should look into waste disposal during traveling activities. Pet-friendly beaches have waste disposal stations that you can (and should) use to help keep the beach clean. Be sure to remove surrounding sand as well as the poo itself when you clean up. 

If you’re hiking on a trail or camping, always clean up your dog’s waste so no one steps in it or gets sick. Most parks have a “carry in, carry out” policy so be sure to dispose of the waste bag when you can find a proper receptacle. 

As there aren’t too many professional or on-demand services dealing in pet waste while traveling, it’s on you the owner to make sure you know and follow local laws in regards to pet waste cleanup and its proper disposal. With care and consideration for fellow travelers, you and your best friend can enjoy a fun-filled vacation together.

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