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August 22, 2018


Pets have been invited into our homes around the world, often earning a beloved spot in the family. These additional family members, as well as yourself, can greatly benefit from some upgrades to the home. Here are three must-have items that make life much easier — not to mention cleaner — for you and your pet.

Pet Doors

Our beloved pets are created to be outside. Pet doors are a great addition to your home that allows a dog, cat or other pet to travel between indoors and outdoors at their own leisure. The installation process can be done on your own if you’re experienced with a toolbox and saw or you can have one put in by a professional. There are a variety of designs and sizings made to fit the exact need of your pet along with the aesthetic desire for your home. Some pet doors have security features, like automatic pet doors, which only open for your pet once it senses she/he nearby.

Central Vacuum

A central vacuum system can greatly reduce the amount of work involved in keeping your home tidy and clean, even with man’s best friend running around. According to one central vacuum manufacturer, a central vacuum system will help you “enjoy a cleaner, healthier home and spend less time cleaning, overall.” Not only do pets shed their hair inside your home, but they also bring in all kinds of other allergens which a central vacuum can pick up and carry away, guaranteeing that the air in your home is clean and pure. This system is installed into the home and designed to carry dirt, debris, and other particles through a network of tunnels or pipes to a collection unit that is stored in a discreet location. All an owner must do is hook up their chosen tool to one of the inlets installed into various locations along baseboards and begin cleaning.

Outdoor Pet Shower

Just like humans, our pets need to be cleaned. Many owners cringe at the thought of the mess involved in scrubbing their animal down in an indoor bathtub. K9 of Mine explains, “There are a variety of different hose and shower attachments available to make the process easier for modern dog owners – not to mention making bath time more comfortable for your pooch.” A pet shower allows an animal to be cleaned outdoors where the mess can be sprayed away. They are also designed with pets in mind. They are typically smaller than the average bathtub, involve a hand-held sprayer and a shelf perfect for storing soap and brushes.

Just like a new baby, pets bring change to a home. Simplifying your life by considering these home upgrades is well worth the time and money of any pet owner. Hey, you know what else makes life a lot easier while freeing up more precious time? That’s right… any of our pet waste cleanup services. Have a friend in need? Our gift certificates are the perfect gift for any pet owner!

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