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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be home when you arrive on my service day(s)?

Nope! We’ll enter through a predetermined entry point, such as a side gate. Please make sure gate is unlocked with safe and clear access free from any obstructions. We won’t attempt to hop gates or hurdle fences. If gates are locked and we cannot access your yard, you’ll still be charged for that visit. We will always try to make contact with you if gates are locked. We will try to revisit same day, if possible.

How will I know my residence was serviced?

Aside form a bomb-free backyard, our clients are able to receive job completed notifications via SMS (text message) and email. Clients can also view completed and upcoming visits within our client portal. There’s several other nifty features within the client portal to ensure our clients have nothing but a great exxperience when using our services. Being we’re a Green Certified company, we don’t leave door hangers or other paper notices as all correspondence is electronic.

Do we work with dogs in the yard?

Of course! However, we’re BIG on safety—for our staff and your pets. If your dog is aggressive or doesn’t take kindly to strangers (us) entering THEIR turf, we ask that you keep your dog(s) inside the home on your service day(s) or while we’re working in the yard. Our staff will not attempt to enter a yard with an animal showing any signs of aggression, agitation or overly excited barking. If a dog that’s deemed unsafe for staff to be around is left outside and we cannot safely enter, you will still be charged for that visit. We will always attempt to contact you to see if someone is home to bring the dog inside, and/or notify you of the situation and try to return at a later time that same day, if possible.

Am I able to receive service year round?

Yes! We provide services year round, rain or shine. In the event of unsafe or hazardous weather (thunderstorms or downpours) or road conditions, we will cancel services until it’s safe to resume. Clients will be notified of any service visit cancellations with as much advance notice as possible.

What holidays do we observe?

We work year-round, but observe the following national U.S. holidays: New Year’s Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving day, Christmas Eve and Christmas day. We will always send out email reminders the week prior to any upcoming holiday shutdown to keep our clients in the loop.

Am I able to choose my service day(s)?

No. To keep prices competititve and operations efficient, we add you to our established routes based on your address and visit frequency. If you require service on a certain day, please contact us and see if we’re able to accommodate. We’ll always do our best to try, if possible.

How often are you able to service my residence/community?

We offer visit frequencies of biweekly (every-other-week) up to six times a week in certain areas. Our most popular visit frequencies are once, twice and three times per week. The visit frequency you choose really depends on how clean you’d like to keep your yard. And of course, the number of dogs in your pack weighs heavily in that equation.

Do I need to sign any contracts?

No! We never require our clients to sign any contracts or make any type of service commitment. However, commercial accounts will need to sign a service agreement which can be canceled with just a 30-day written notice. Start/stop, upgrade/downgrade services at anytime. We’re quite flexible and very easy to work with.

What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover). Cash and personal checks are not accepted. In ceratain cases we may be able to make exceptions to this policy as a temporary or one-time deal.

Do you offer any kind of discount on services?

We do run promotions from time to time. (Promotions page coming soon! Please don’t hesitate to inquire in the meantime.)

How will I be billed each month?

Our service is prepaid and subscription-based. Billing is done on a rolling basis (the same date your service starts) each month. All clients are required to have a card on file whether receiving a one-time or ongoing services.

How do I cancel my service?

If you need to cancel service for any reason, you have a few options. Visit the client portal, send an email to, or call 669-200-1630. We’d appreciate at least a 24-48 hour notice on service cancellations for administrative purposes.