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November 19, 2019

We’re not the only ones who like a quiet, cozy, secure place to take care of some business. Dogs need— and really enjoy — a nice place to poop, too. Providing your furry friend with a place in the yard that’s safe and secure reduces the anxiety all dogs associate with going to the bathroom, allowing them to enjoy the experience. Giving them security, nice turf, and an area of their own to potty ensures that your dog will love you all the more for letting them do their business in the most comfortable environment possible. Here’s how to create the perfect pooping yard for your beloved pup.


Dogs are particularly vulnerable from predators (not the alien kind) in the pooping position and can also be sensitive to the areas in which they poop. Building them a safe haven where they feel comfortable to potty allows them to relax and enjoy the go.

You can make your yard more comfortable and secure for your pup by putting up fencing that minimizes distractions and outside intrusions that could increase fear or anxiety.

Frequently taking care of and cleaning up the area where your dog goes also creates a sense of security that lets them know their potty place is safe and secure from anything that may deter them from going.

What Are They Pooping On?

Natural grass can die if feces are not cleaned up regularly. It can also cause allergies in some dogs. Artificial turf may be more comfortable for a dog, particularly for one who suffers from grass pollen allergies. Artificial turf does require a bit more maintenance. Cleanup should be often as poop can dry andhere to turf quickly. Once this happens, pressure washing is typically the only way to remove the dried on poop.

Pea gravel is another great material due to its relative smoothness and small size and isn’t tough on their paws as larger rocks can be. Just be aware that pea gravel can get stuck in between their pads, so make sure to check them often.

Mulch is another type of turf that provides cushion and may be comfortable for your pet. It’s also very easy to cleanup unlike artificial turf. You may find yourself having to replace mulch every so often as small amounts will get removed during each cleanup.

By using what makes them most comfortable, you’ll guarantee that the ground your dog poops on will measure up to their high standards. You have seen how long it takes your dog to fing that perfect spot for the go, right!?

Build a Potty Area

An exclusive potty area is a terrific way to give your fur baby the royal treatment, leaving no question as to where their safe pooping space is located.

Choose a potty spot outside of the high traffic areas of your yard. The spot you designate should be appropriate for the size of your dog.  A small area might be fine for a toy or small breed dog, but larger breeds are going to need more space.

According to Porch Potty, designated bathroom areas provide additional security and let your dog feel like they have a territory of their own relative to the moment at hand. Building a potty area also saves your natural grass from daily bathroom use and is easier to clean if designed and built properly.

Your pup deserves the best and making their pooping area as comfortable and secure as it can be lets them know just how much you love them. Selecting terrain that allows your dog to relax during potty time eases stress and creates the perfect pooping environment, so they can kick back and enjoy the go!


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