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pet waste

Our pets are such a huge part of our lives—they’re family. And because the health and safety of family members is never overlooked—we wouldn’t do that to our pets either—regardless of time or resources available. Bombs Away! was created with the goal to facilitate this necessity. Pet waste removal is only the beginning component in maintaining a healthy environment for pets (and people). Many other factors need to be considered when outlining a comprehensive strategy. For instance, regular dog walking cuts down on waste in your yard by as much as 50%. Just make sure you’re picking up where your pet left off on those walks. Otherwise dog poop won’t be your only problem. You’ll have some very unhappy neighbors!

Disinfection and deodorization kills harmful bacteria before kids and other family members bring it into the home. Did you know that a single gram of dog poop contains millions of fecal coliform bacteria? Bacteria which causes cramps, intestinal problems and other illnesses in humans. The last thing you want is your little ones tracking this into the house or, worse yet, ingesting it. Oh, and you may have a pet that likes to eat it’s own poop, or it’s friend’s. Yuck! Absolutely, yuck!

Additionally, pressure washing may be the only solution to remove urine and pet waste stains around your property. We have 3 dogs where I live. No matter how we try to deter them from peeing on posts, walls, columns—basically anything in the yard—they always go back to the same spot. And they take turns each peeing in the same area as the last one. Yes, the burdensome side of pet ownership, it’s not pretty!

Live in an apartment? Short on time like most of us in the Bay Area? We have a solution to help your unique situation. We look forward to earning your trust—as well as your business.